Happy Friday Scholars! Are you ready for this long, holiday weekend?! We have found some really cool links for you to look at while you wait for the fireworks.


Show me the money!
Need a little extra spending cash during the school year? Here are some side jobs that are great for students.

Nike has the right idea. Just do it!
A lot of people tend to talk about what they should do, but don’t actually do it. Maybe it’s time to drop the “should” and start to “do”.

Once Upon a Time… 
How the often-overlooked skill of storytelling can make someone a great leader.

Live life to the fullest
We can all agree that work experience is valuable. But it is easy to forget that experiencing life is just as important.

Independence Day noms!!
July 4th is the perfect time for friends, fireworks, and most importantly…FOOD! We’re definitely trying out some of these delicious, no-bake recipes for the patriotic holiday.