This Friday, we are rounding out our integrity month for the #S2 challenge! Tired of how something in your life is going? Well, be the change.

Here’s what we enjoyed this week:

What was I doing?
Do you often forget where your keys are and look down just to realize they’ve been in your hand this whole time?? Yeah, we get that. Here are 5 tricks that have helped our memories stick!

Summer back home
Spending your summer at home with the ‘rents? Then you’ve probably experience some (or all) of these things.

Discover vs Find 
Finding the “perfect job” for you can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Type. WOOF. Type
Happy National Take Your Dog To Work Day!! Try some of these tips to help you manage your furry friend in the office.

You got the job, now what?
Save for retirement? But I’m only 22! Believe it or not, but saving your money, and being smart about your finances now, will seriously impact your future.