It’s everyone’s favorite day ending in Y-Friday! We can’t speak (or type) for you, but the Thanksgiving holiday seems to have launched upon us by a rocket -fueled turkey…anyone else? So below we have some resources to hopefully make your holiday great & we  hope you take a breather to enjoy your Cheat Sheet.


Case of the NPR Voice 
Forget that vocal fry, The New York Times examines what makes a radio anchor feel human. via The NYT

Service Month at NSCS!
It never fails to amaze us-the amount of work you put into your Jared Boxes is humbling. Please keep up the incredible work (& don’t forget to fill out this SUPER brief google form!)

10 Instagram Accounts: Inspiring India
Breathtaking, Just breathtaking. Via DesignSponge 

Insider’s Guide to Turkey Day 
Planning? Cooking? Having some buddies over & attempting anything Thanksgiving. We’ve got you covered. via The NYT

Monday at 1:00 PM
Or when is REALLY the best time to book a flight! via tackk


And by no means a PS, we hope this upcoming week is filled with the things you love (relaxing, good food, great family & friends on our end). Enjoy Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for all of you.