Hey, scholars did you hear about this election we’re having this year? We kid, of course you do. And whether you’re glued to the debates or chuckling at twitter trolls, we like the handy dandy calendar theSkimm created (our cover photo). We’re all about keeping our dates straight this month, as we’re celebrating all things career-how to get one, how to navigate one & how to dream your best life into reality! Let’s dive into the cheat sheet!:

GiftedHire: YOUR NSCS exclusive job site
GiftedHire helps high-achievers (re: y-o-u) find your calling. Top companies are waiting to see your profile, create one today!

Debt Free 2016!
We know it’s Friday & this article may not be fun BUT conquering debt fear = taking back your life (truly). Read it. Or promise to bookmark for Monday. (via FastCo)

Not 1, but 2 incredible internship opportunities:
The Fund for American Studies-Want to spend a summer Living, Learning and Interning in DC? Final Application Deadline is March 16!

Absolute Internship-This one is the trifecta. Intern with top global companies, while abroad, with an 88% guaranteed success rate (meaning, you’ll be asked back). To good NOT to apply.

Freelancing: a checklist
We posted this on Facebook & the results are in: people clicked! Considering freelancing for extra income and/or to dust off some passion projects? We have your back. (via 99u)

A No-Brainer from Harvard
Happy People + work (working hard) =more productivity. Thank you, we’ll be here all night! But truly, when on an interview (or PRE-interview) look into what people are saying & doing whilst on the job. Can you hear a pin drop? Is there a Friday happy hour? If you’re happy, you’re potential new employer will be happy with YOU! (via HBR)

thefreshechange(via The Fresh Exchange)

 Happy Weekend, scholars!