Happy Weekend, scholars! Here is your Friday Internet Round-Up, the Cheat Sheet:

New Work Benefits: Employer’s paying back your student loan debt? 
According to Bloomberg News, this could be huge scholars. (via)

Slacker Question
Familiar with Slack, scholars? It’s changed our game at our HQ…here’s the question there CEO leads with in an interview. (via)

Standing Room…Maybe?
We’re all pretty aware that the amount we spend seated isn’t great. But NPR is here to study if actual standing desks really hold the key. (via)

1-2-3 to ease Anxiety 
Truly, this is an excellent read, especially as you roll into the final months of course work…or just daily life. Give it a shot. (via)

ScholarCon Registration!
Still plenty of time to get to ScholarCon (brilliant collegiate minds from around the country!). Register today.
Here you can see YouTube sensation Michelle Phan & our very own Intern Queen (beloved ScholarCon speaker!), Lauren Berger

An ode to an officer, 30 years in a flash (via)