Our first Friday of FALL. Yes, fall is officially here-which in our neck of the woods means about 2 nice days, then full-blown winter (any NSCS alums meteorologists?!) As always, we hope this has been a productive, inspiring week. If you saw our instagram, @NSCS, you know Andrew had a blast (& a TON of Starbucks!) on his trip to VA. Continue to follow all our Regional Reps on their NSCS journey around the country. And as you can see from our photo above, the Pope visit to DC was just blocks away from our HQ. This photo from the Washingtonian really captured the historic event. So, let’s kick off the weekend, scholars. We bring you The Cheat Sheet:


Flop Chair? Flop Chair.
No one can NOT get behind this-an already big comfy chair that turns into a twin comfy bed? Downsizing! Dorm-attitude! We want. Innovation at it’s finest from Shoebox Dwelling…an innovation website that screams ‘BOOKMARK ME!’

Indcution’s are Coming! Induction’s are Coming!
As a reminder, we have ALL of our chapters (yours included!) inductions dates and details listed on our website. www.nscs.org/IndcutionDates. Share with chapter members, friends, and family-just by attending, you’re eligible for a scholarship!

Me. Myself. & I.
We’re always game to hear travel tips-whether places to go, to eat, or in this case, some valuable safety measures when you find yourself hitting the road solo. Any solo travelers, scholars? Share your best tip with us & each other. 

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