Happy Friday, scholars. Another week down & if you’re still in the finals trenches, we wish you all the luck!

Great work in showing love to your advisors during this week’s Advisor Appreciation. Even the smallest amount of thanks means the world to your advisor, & they really appreciate your efforts.

Here’s to a great weekend…and YOU GOT THIS on your finals!


Keep the Change, You Filthy…
25 years later, how the truly bonkers ‘protect-this-house’ Home Alone scene was filmed. (via Slate)

LAST DAY!! Great opportunity from our friends at ForCollegeForLife

And the award goes too…
We love getting new magazine recommendations (who doesn’t?). Cool design, cool topics. (via It’s Nice That)

Spotify! How did you know?!
How Spotify’s ‘Discovery’ playlists are always such a hit! (make sure you follow ScholarCon!) (via FastCo)

37 Ways to Learn Something News
Because 2016 is upon us people!!!