As you can see by the above, photo Region #2 is the Scholar Games victor! But congratulations really goes to ALL of you-together, we were able to make over 1,700 boxes benefiting terminally ill kids. This is our 2nd year working with The Jared Box Project & it just keeps getting better. Thank you for the hard work scholars. You are incredible 🙂

Books! Books? Books.
Because we forever love a recommendation. The best books of 2015. (via The Atlantic)

Sorry, we’re no longer accepting email. Try homing pigeon.
Two founder’s of the ‘Life is Good’ company are saying ‘no more!’ to email (via Business Insider)

The Most Instagrammed Locations, Per State
Do you agree, scholars? (via Cool Material)

2015, in a song!
We can’t resist (via Flavor Wire)

How to Memorize ANYTHING!
Is this perfect for finals? This is perfect for finals. (via kottke)

I want to speak at ScholarCon!!
Really?! Then join us-3 jam-packed days of learning & growth with college students from across the nation!
Or do you have the perfect idea for a speaker? Let us know that, too.