Happy Friday Scholars! We have some inspirational words (above-you got this & you can find the original here) & your Friday Cheat sheet Below:

If a bear was attacking 1 in 5 of your friends, you’d do something to stop it, right? This new video highlights why we need to keep up our work. Be sure to share it on Twitter and other social media platforms using #ItsOnUs to help spread the word! Here’s a Google Form to track your involvement.

In Every Language!
Overwhelming work happens. Identifying that to your co-workers or boss? That’s the tricky part. Mashable offers some solutions.

Goodbye, Procrastination. Hello, Jullien
Jullien is an NSCS all-star friend. Not only do his sessions fill up each year at ScholarCon, he’s always willing to do more for students. Case in point, his webinar (sign-up today!)

Bucket List Item: Become Monet
Or at the very least have a new cool app on your phone (hint: you’re the artist!). Another cool one from Fast Co. 

If You Don’t Know Pantone…
This is a great read from The Atlantic: how did Pantone rise to become a cultural icon?


And to round-up all that is good this Friday, it’s Service Month! Grab a buddy (or multiple buddies!) & make some Jared Boxes! Here’s some scholars from University of Houston doing just that:

Jared Box Univeristy of Houston II