Curled up in a ball avoiding the weather? Sitting in sunshine, mocking this grizzly storm? Either way, happy Friday! East Coasters-be safe, follow what your weather man is telling you about driving (re: don’t!) & keep count of how many cocoas you’ve had! Enjoy your cheat sheet:

Your phone’s the worst.
Here’s 7 apps to get you away from it! (via 99u)

Working hard or working harder
Why do Americans work so hard? (via The Atlantic)

Lists Rule!
10 ways you’re making your life hard (& stop putting so much pressure on yourself!) (via Thought Catalog)

&: A love story
Why does EVERYONE love this guy? (via FastCo)

Frightful Weather? A sunny ScholarCon reminder!
ScholarCon registration is OPEN! Join the community & get excited for sunny Florida in just a few short months.