The school year is in full swing and you’re probably starting to hear about your chapter’s PACE program! Some chapters have a set plan for this year’s PACE program while others are probably still getting their ducks in a row. If you’re a chapter officer and you’re still looking for ideas for your PACE program, we’d like to offer you some examples of successful PACE programs from the past. If you’re not a chapter officer, and you’re wondering why you should be involved in your chapter’s PACE program, we’d like to show you how your involvement can benefit yourself, your campus and local community!

Here are two great examples of successful PACE programs from the past!

The University of Arizona – 2012

  • NSCS PACE Volunteers: 60
  • Students reached through PACE Program: 230

The University of Arizona chapter started a relationship with Mansfield Middle School for their PACE mentoring program. The chapter visited the school three times a week to work one-on-one with the students, benefitting approximately 8 students per week. The chapter concluded their PACE program with a hugely successful March to College™ Day. 220 students from Mansfield Middle School got to visit the UA campus and interact with students. Chapter officers had several students pull them aside to thank them for putting on the program. “I had one kid thank me for doing this,” said former UA VP of PACE, Nicole O’Connor. “He said ‘I’ve never been on campus and neither of my parents went to college and I want to go!’ I feel like we impacted the kids and they all seemed to bond with us.”

You can read more about UA’s PACE program and the struggles that the chapter went through to achieve their goals in our 2012 edition of Case for PACE here.










Winona State University – 2013

  • NSCS PACE Volunteers: 50
  • Students reached through PACE Program: 100

The Winona State chapter focused their 2013 PACE Program on collaboration with schools that have at-risk students who would benefit from PACE. The chapter based their Assembly on the beloved Dr. Seuss book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go, and connected the assembly to their school’s annual book drive. The connection to the book drive allowed the chapter to present the participating schools with a large number of new children’s book for their libraries. The chapter wrapped up their PACE program by hosting 100 5th graders from Winona Middle School on their campus.

You can read more about Winona State’s PACE Program in our 2013 edition of Case for PACE here.










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