Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Candace Ward! Candace studies Psychology at the University of Phoenix, from which she will graduate this summer.

Candace’s favorite NSCS experience was when she received her pin and certificate of achievement. “The excitement on my mom’s face, and the look of her being proud of me, has motivated me to never give up,” she says. “That was the best gift the NSCS could have given me!”

Candace is a single mother who has beaten cancer twice while attending school and still battles epilepsy. “I am excited to see what my future holds and I will not give up until I reach every one of my goals,” she says. “I love psychology and the fact that one day I will be able help someone fight again or just be an ear for them to talk to. I am determined to create a world for my children where they will not want or need for anything.”

For her strength in the face of adversity and dedication to a better tomorrow, Candace is our Scholar of the Week! Congratulations!


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