Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Benjamin Osei-Blessen! Benjamin is a student at Houston Community College, where he is a geographical information systems major.

Benjamin’s favorite experience is volunteering through NSCS on his campus and in his community.  Upholding the NSCS pillar of service is important to him. “Volunteering is my favorite NSCS experience.  I get to meet fellow colleagues of NSCS. I learn a lot about them, their majors, and where they come from.  That is what I really appreciate because through this we are building a strong network. All of this for a better tomorrow,” said Benjamin.

An international student, Benjamin has lived in both Ghana and Nigeria in Africa. Benjamin is grateful for the academic foundation he learned in both countries. On his transition from his home country of Nigeria to Ghana he says “to learn their culture, language, style of education and more was like growing up again.” However, in true scholarly fashion he continues “I was the best in my school [in Ghana] even though their education was a bit different. I realized everything is possible.”

For his volunteer efforts in his community, Benjamin is our Scholar of the Week! Congratulations!

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