Set that alarm and start ordering those textbooks. That’s right; it’s that time of year again.  The fall semester is right around the corner!

To prepare you for your bittersweet transition from life at home to life on campus, I’ve compiled an eclectic mix of school related songs.  Regardless of whether you live on campus and enjoy party music or commute to school and prefer indie tracks, there’s something on this playlist for everyone to enjoy.

While some of the songs provide explicit references to the classroom, other songs on the playlist invoke some of the emotions that we all have felt at one point or another during our academic experience, such as being frazzled around exam time and having a get-together with friends and painting the campus red.

Enjoy and good luck during your Fall 2011 semester!

Chris Pfeiffer is a junior at La Salle University studying Finance and Economics.  He hopes to study law after attaining his undergraduate degree.  Some of his interests include playing and listening to music, exercising, watching the Philadelphia 76ers, keeping up with the news, playing cards, and having a good time with friends.