Congratulations to Tiffany, our Scholar of the Week from Arizona State University! 

Name: Tiffany Lam

School: Arizona State University

Major: Business, Supply Chain Management

Favorite NSCS Experience: I was honored to get the GEICO Scholarship last year because I got to talk about the importance of Integrity, Service, and Growth. I think that there is a widespread belief that you have to compromise these values to get ahead in life, but this scholarship proved that NSCS and GEICO are fighting that belief. The scholarship made me feel that NSCS supports not only my success, but my methods for being successful (maintaining integrity, service, and growth) as well.

Fun fact: I love to travel to remote areas where I can enjoy America’s natural parks. I hiked 12 miles of the Grand Canyon last year – with one bottle of water and no snacks. Luckily some of my fellow hikers offered me some of their trail mix when I reached the bottom. Moral of the story – I’m always willing to go on an adventure.

Congratulations Tiffany! Apply today to one of our many open scholarships today!

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