With internship season upon us, college students across the world are beginning to revamp their resumes and pursue their dream job. For one Arizona State student, she got a head start on her peers by landing competitive New York City internship last summer, which allowed her to rub elbows with industry professionals and network her way into her dream job, a fast-paced fashion PR internship.

Arizona State University Junior, Ashley Black knows all about hard work and the importance of internships, which is why she took the leap of faith and moved to New York even though she didn’t know anyone in New York. According to Ashley, she began searching for internships and found the opportunity of a lifetime with the Dream Careers program.

“My fashion PR internship was incredible. I was challenged every day but gained hands-on experience writing pitches, pulling clothes and jewelry for editors, and interacting with top stylists,” said Ashley. “I learned something new every day on the job and feel much more prepared to begin a full-time career.”

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 70% of interns are being offered full-time jobs. “An internship is the new entry-level interview process,” according to Scott Bergner, a Director at Dream Careers. “Internships give students an incredible advantage to develop their skills, evaluate a company, network within the industry, and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom in a controlled environment.” said Bergner.

How was Ashley able to easily make the jump to the big city for the summer months? The Dream Careers Internship program offers a structured environment for students from around the world to relocate to a city, test-drive a career, and be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded individuals to help them every step of the way. Housing, networking events, and activities on weekends are all part of the package.

This program taught me so much about myself, what I want in life, and really was an experience I will never forget – it’s changed my life, “ said Ashley. “I truly understand the saying, ‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere,” as I met amazing people, learned a lot, created great connections and fell in love with the big city… My least favorite part of the experience was leaving, as New York City stole my heart.”

By working hard in her internship and expanding her network Ashley was able to position herself for her dream job when she graduates but encourages students everywhere to never settle and to pursue their passions. “My experience taught me so much about myself, what I want in life, and really was an experience I will never forget – it’s changed my life.”

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Why are Internships so Important?

Get your Foot in the Door
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 73% of employers are looking for candidates with prior internship experience.

Develop Valuable Skills 
66% of hiring managers believe new college graduates are widely unprepared according to Addeco recruiting.


Gaining Experience and Build Network 
58.9% of students said gaining experience and building portfolio was the most important part of their internship experience according to InternMatch.com

Ashley_Black (2)Ashley black is a Dream Careers internship participant from New York City.