Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Arisleidy Nunez! Arisleidy is a senior at Rutgers University, Newark where she is studying Public and Nonprofit Administration.

Arisleidy’s favorite NSCS experience was when her chapter volunteered with the Intervarsity Club and their local Goodwill center. “It was a humbling experience to help out in the kitchen and to see how even small actions can make an impact,” she said.

In her free time, Arisleidy enjoys being involved with community service projects in her local community and abroad. “I had the opportunity to participate in a service-learning initiative in Tanzania during the summer of my freshman year. Through this humbling experience, I was able to appreciate the important role that empathy plays in leadership,” she said. Back in the US, Arisleidy tries to find community service opportunities in her local community. “I have taken a more proactive role in the Newark community and look for service opportunities to make an impact,” she said. Through her community service, Arisleidy says she has learned to “appreciate leadership in all its forms, and to collectively use our voice to find a solution to the problems facing our society.”

For her contributions to her community, Arisleidy is our NSCS Scholar of the Week! Congrats!