Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Apollonia Gorham! Apollonia is a junior at Stony Brook University where she is studying Nursing.

Apollonia’s favorite NSCS experience was when she received her nomination letter. “I had just finished a hard semester at school and I had worked so hard to do well. I felt like I hadn’t done my best until I came home and found the letter from NSCS,” she said. “It made me feel so proud and reminded me that all the hard work and stress you put into your school work does pay off in the end. Even if you feel like it didn’t, something will always happen to remind you that your hard work was noticed.”

Apollonia has a passion for medicine that stems from her own personal experience with healthcare. “In 2009, I had brain surgery due to a condition I was born with called Chiari Malformation Type 2,” she said. “That experience helped to grow my love and passion for medicine and my desire to become a nurse practitioner. I not only want to help people but also make sure people give nurses the same appreciation they give to doctors.”

For her commitment to her academic career and NSCS, Apollonia is our Scholar of the Week. Congrats!


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