This year, Leadership Summit is coming to you! Registration for our virtual Leadership Summit is officially open, and you might be wondering what all that is about… TalkNerdy2Me is here to explain.

What is Leadership Summit?
Leadership Summit is NSCS’ online leadership training and education program offered to NSCS officers. The online Summit will be offered as two half-day sessions, June 17-18, and is hosted by the NSCS National Office. It will feature speakers including the National Leadership Council, Member Engagement Managers, and distinguished keynote speakers!

Who should attend Leadership Summit?
All incoming chapter officers (both new and returning) are required to attend this training to understand their role in maintaining a successful NSCS chapter throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Outgoing officers are not required to attend but are welcome to join, especially for Sunday’s Awards Ceremony at 6 PM ET, where we will announce the 2016-2017 Diamond and Platinum Star Status recipients, as well as regional chapter awards. Prospective officers and chapter advisors (especially new advisors) are also encouraged to attend!

What will I learn during the sessions?
Topics covered at Leadership Summit will include an overview of NSCS chapter officer positions, Star Status, PACE, fundraising and budgeting for your chapter, leadership development, and much more.

When and where is Leadership Summit?
When: Leadership Summit takes place on June 17 and 18, 3-7 PM ET.
Where: Wherever you want! Leadership Summit is a virtual program that you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. Want to attend the summit while lounging in your favorite coffee shop? No problem!

So if you’re an NSCS chapter officer, get excited! Registration is open now! If you are an officer and have questions or would like more information on Leadership Summit, you can contact your Member Engagement Manager or email your questions to You can also check out our Leadership Summit announcement video here!