Your Guide to a Successful Advisor Appreciation Week

November 30-December 4th, 2015

Why does NSCS have an Advisor Appreciation Week?

Advisor Appreciation Week is the time NSCS members acknowledge all of the amazing Advisors who have dedicated their time to your chapter and peers. Whether a NSCS Advisor, or an Advisor to another on-campus club or organization, this week is designed and dedicated to them.  Without their efforts, NSCS would not have thriving chapters around the country. Showing appreciation for our Advisors during this week, is just one part of a year-long effort to express our gratitude for all they do.


What is Your Role in Creating a Successful Week?

Your chapter’s role this week is to send the message of gratitude. The activities outlined in the Advisor Appreciation Week Plan will allow members to reflect on the Advisors who have been the backbone of NSCS and various other organizations at the university/college.


What’s new?

Glad you asked!  This year, we’re excited to re-launch our Take a President to Lunch initiative! As a part of Advisor Appreciation Week, all chapters will reach out to their university/college President, Dean or Provost and invite him or her to join you and your Advisor for lunch! This simple lunch date will help your chapter promote its presence on campus and raise awareness of NSCS and all the great things that you do for your community.  Moreover, it is a fantastic way to network and brag about your chapter!


Monday, November 30: Lights, Camera, THANK YOU!

Make a video expressing appreciation to the chapter Advisor. Post the video to Instagram and your chapter Facebook page! Don’t forget to tag us in #NSCS #NSCSnation

Wednesday, December 2: The Gratitude Challenge

Send a thank you note to your Advisor, let them know that their guidance has made a difference…don’t forget to leave room for everyone’s signatures!

Friday, December 5:  Share the Memories

From a photo collage to an NSCS coffee mug, a small token will mean a ton to your advisor. And it’s something they won’t forget! Don’t go crazy, just go thoughtful.


And remember…

Whatever you’re able to do, it will be so appreciated. Just tag a picture of all of your projects, or if you can, politely ask if you can take a picture with the Advisor, which we’ll love to share on our Facebook  and Instagram!