Nearly 70 percent of high school students go to college today. In the 1990s each job posted on a job site had 20 applications, but now each job posted on the same site has nearly 200 qualified applicants. It is an understatement to say that it is hard to get noticed as a young professional.

In fact, I think getting hired for a job that is equivalent in value to how much we spend on college is nearly impossible. Getting a job is like finding an endangered bird in the sky. Not only are there more people going to school who are qualified for the same job, there are also fewer jobs out there.

Thanks to last week’s #FixYoungAmerica campaign, you are familiar with the youth unemployment crisis. Only 54 percent of 18-24 year olds have a job, which means nearly half of us are dependent on our parents or the loans that we took out for school. According to Pew Research in DC, 85 percent of the May 2011 college graduating class said they are moving back home with their parents. These students are known as the boomerangers because instead of starting their lives, they’re back home repaying the loans they took out for the future they were promised.

So what do you do?

My name is EJ Carrion and I recently wrote a book over this topic called Accelerate Your Success: How to Create a Future and Stand Out When College is Not Enough that comes out on May 2nd. In the book, I explain step-by-step how to get a job or create a job for yourself and succeed in the new economy. Times have changed! So there is a new set of rules that you need to know in order to kick butt and reach superhero star power.

I do not want to be that author who comes in and just says BUY MY BOOK! I want to explain the origin of my book, tell what I do, and let you decide if it is a good fit for you.

The book is based off of a framework that I started when I created the Student Success Academy, which is an elite online success- consulting agency pairing high school teenagers with top tier college students. By doing so, our consultants help teenagers increase their chances of success and build a personalized road map for their futures.

You probably wish you had something like this when you were in high school. In fact, we are still hiring consultants for the summer and fall if you need a part time gig that will also look good on your resume. Click Here to Apply.

The book is formatted into three stages and 12 milestones, called the Student Accelerator. Look at the graph below to see the process and flow of the book.

The Student Accelerator is focused on helping teens find what it means to be successful so they can develop a purpose that makes them feel significant. We help them identify and explore their strengths so they can begin to create value. The basis and main theme of my book is:

In order to survive or succeed in the new economy, you have to CREATE VALUE either for the people you work for or the people you directly impact.

It is no longer just doing a job and being a cog in the machine. No longer can you find job and just go through the rotations. If you have a job like that then you better start looking for a new one because technology will one day replace you and perform your job much better. Being indispensable and succeeding is all about specialized knowledge. It is about getting good at something and sharing your talents with people who need it.

I would love to help you on this journey and support you on the journey to superhero star power. I believe we are all superheroes at something; we just have to find what problem we are meant to solve.

Investing in my new book is only ten bucks and it includes:

– Tax
– Shipping
– A FREE Kindle version
– An autographed copy
– And $600 in FREE bonuses

We are going through a change! During a time of change there are two types of people, those who adapt and benefit from the change and those who suffer because they are unwilling to change their ways.

Being a young person has never been more challenging than it is today. College is more competitive, scholarships are few and far between, and the job market has more qualified young people unemployed than ever before.

I wrote this book because behind this entire struggle, there is actually a golden opportunity. In my new book I share with you what I have learned from graduating college, being unemployed, and moving back in with my parents with no future plan. It was challenging and depressing and I definitely do not want you to go through the same feelings that I did of being lost and unsure of what is next.

The principles and secrets I will share with you helped me become a national professional speaker who has spoken to tens of thousands of students and started a company that allowed me to make more money than those who have graduated with the same degree and went into the job market.

I promise that my book, Accelerate Your Success, is the guide to help you answer the tough questions and get started. People should know how cool you are! If you have any questions about the book or the Student Success Academy, contact me at