Meet our Scholar of the Week, Abigail CottonAbigail is a senior at University of West Georgia where she is majoring in Environmental Science. In addition to serving as Chapter President of the UWG chapter during the 2015 – 2016 school year, Abigail was also recently elected to NSCS’ National Leadership Council (NLC)! You can read more about her involvement with the NLC here.

Abigail’s favorite NSCS event has been UWG’s induction ceremony. “I get to meet new people and inform our new members about what NSCS has to offer,” she said.

Abigail spends much of her time volunteering in her community. “If I do not have my nose in a book or my face in the computer, I am everywhere! I never sit down!” Along with being Chapter President of UWG’s chapter, she participates in campus events, volunteers with a local church group on weekends, helps out in her mother’s pre-kindergarten classroom, and coaches children’s gymnastics. “If anyone is in need of a babysitter, choreographer, or basic gymnastics coach, you now know who to call!”

For her many contributions to her campus community and NSCS, Abigail is our Scholar of the Week.