Have you ever watched Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe pick through decades-worth of refuse in strangers’ rickety, old barns on American Pickers? Or perhaps you’ve seen the Ice Road Truckers nearly slide off a cliff, only to miraculously recover at the last possible moment. Tim Nolan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Creative, and Brand Strategy for Lifetime Networks, is responsible for the popularity of those shows among many others. His job is one people salivate over.
Does the name Walter Levitt ring any bells? Well, it should. Levitt is currently employed with Comedy Central, with experience working with Food Network Canada, History Television, Movietime, National Geographic Canada and Showcase. As if that weren’t enough, the guy has led two organizations to Marketing Magazine’s coveted “Media Player of the Year” title, and been named one of the country’s “Top Thought Leaders” himself. Oh yeah, and he is hilarious on Twitter (@MediaMktgGuy).

You probably never thought you would have the chance to share air with these moguls, but your wildest dream is coming true. Thanks to “The Cable Mavericks Masters Forum: One Day Degree in Cable,” you can find out the trade secrets and how these big-shots–and 29 others–made it to the top of their respective networks.

The Cable Mavericks forum will take place Friday, October 26 in New York City. NSCS members will have the opportunity to spend the day surrounded by cable, media and entertainment moguls, listen in on the pros sharing their own experiences in the industry, and network with potential future employers.

Maybe you’re not aiming to be on the executive side of the business, but have a genius idea for the next hot show. The panel discussion “From Pitch to Hit: ‘Portlandia,’ and the Modern Television Ecosystem” would be worth attending. Or if you just love watching television and want to make a career of it, the “Parade of Professionals: Television Jobs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of” forum may be more up your alley.

For some of you, anxiety and palm sweating are commencing right about now. “Oh, no!” you might be thinking, “I don’t live anywhere near New York!” Fear not, my West-coast, central United States and foreign friends, because you can still register and participate virtually.

If you are near the Big Apple, NSCS members will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a networking event the night before the forum, on Thursday, October 25.

If you’ve ever had even the slightest interest in a career in the television and media industry, this event has a (free) ticket with your name on it.

To register to attend in person or online, visit http://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1129292.


Shay Quigley is a junior at East Carolina University majoring in public relations and media studies. She has been a member of NSCS since 2010, and is currently a Social Media Ambassador for NSCS, making it her mission to inform everyone that geek is chic. When she is not studying or reading, Shay is most likely eating carrots, pretending she is a ninja, and randomly scribbling down poetry and graphic design ideas. Follow her on Twitter @shayquig.