If you should ask someone what being healthy means to them, you would be overwhelmed with the same reply. Humans are more conscious of their bodies, therefore that’s their main concentration with regards to getting fit. To be fully fit, I think we need to incorporate our mind. We will be more driven and enthusiastic about life because we feel a sense of complete health. I have assembled five easy ways that can assist with getting your mind fit.


Yoga incorporates your mind and body with the use of breathing techniques, while holding various poses where all elements work as one; it’s not only about body’s physical movements. The benefits of yoga include weight loss, freedom from anger and effective communication because you are more at peace with yourself. Yoga allows you to be in a perfect state of mental well-being.


NSCS chapter socials are a great way to bond with members!

Being social, being a part of a group or an association allows you to build social bonds which we all need.  Having the support of others separate from your family motivates you to be the best you can be. Studies have shown that being social is beneficial with aging. Humans beings are social animals, so not being who we are can cause mental illness. Not being social may affect your health by causing loneliness and a lack of motivation to live, which can lead to depression. Being social may assist with a healthy mind, so go out relax with some friends and share a couple laughs.


Puzzles are a fun, easy way to relax while stimulating your brain. These simple games can pack a serious challenge whilst returning a host of benefits. Puzzles sharpens critical thinking, and improves problem solving skills. Puzzles keep you mentally active, and are simple, so anyone can have a go. The next time you’re traveling somewhere, do a puzzle and keep yourself mentally stimulated.


NSCS partner Lenovo has awesome sound systems.

Music is very powerful; it can affect our emotions in many ways. Many of us listen to various songs that seem to activate different areas of thinking. Musical stimuli have the ability to also change our moods.

Academy Abroad 1Travel! When you lose enthusiasm for enjoyable activities, it’s a signal for a vacation. Leaving a familiar environment to recollect yourself and unwind is a wonderful experience. You might not have the few extra bucks to travel somewhere far, but make the best of what you have. Take a road trip with some friends; take a one day bus trip. You can also apply for an NSCS Study Abroad scholarship. Allow yourself to be well rounded. Remember, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, so give your mind and body time to relax.

Snapshot_20120502_5Felicia Francis is a sophomore at New York City College of Technology in liberal arts but pursuing nursing. She serves as the Secretary of NSCS at her college. She owns a pet plant because she is too busy to have an actual pet. She most values her ability to create fun, and enjoys writing about topics which are progressive and positive.