Being part of a great organization like NSCS is already rewarding. However, being an NSCS chapter officer is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. NSCS has helped me develop my leadership skills as the chapter president at Miami Dade College. I was able to improve in so many different ways that this experience has truly impacted my personal as well as academic life.


I developed my communication skills tremendously as an NSCS officer. It is crucial for me to be very approachable as the chapter president. I have learned to listen well and to give my full attention to members who visit me with problems, concerns, or simply ideas to improve our chapter. I was able to build a strong bond with my members and they trust that I will be there for them whenever they need me.


Becoming an officer helped me with my problem-solving skills and taught me to make decisions faster. I learned to think of the club as a whole and how all our members can benefit. Based on these aspects I decide what kind of events our chapter should organize during the academic year.


An advantage of being an officer is that I get to be in touch with the NSCS headquarters in Washington, DC, as well as campus administration. It is good to know the NSCS staff because they can always help you out and give you advice whenever there is a challenging situation at your school. Because of my position as chapter president, I also got to meet with the President of Miami Dade College and discuss our goals and plans as a club. Our meetings were so frequent that now our campus president knows me personally. Contacts like this are very important for one’s academic and professional life, and becoming part of the executive board of an honor society definitely raises your profile on campus and makes it much easier to schedule a meeting with the campus administration.


As the chapter president I am actively involved in the planning and executing of NSCS signature programs, such as PACE. I get to meet and talk with the directors of different schools and organize events for mainly middle school children in order to show them the importance of pursuing higher education. For me, this is the most rewarding part of being in the executive board of my chapter: I can directly impact other people’s lives and make a change.


Last, but not least, I was able to make some lifelong friendships with my chapter team. They are very supportive and together we’ve been able to reach our goals. I am very glad to share my NSCS experience with all of them.

I believe that every NSCS member is a leader and our job is to show them how to use all their potential and develop those leadership qualities. Personally, NSCS has truly helped me strengthen my leadership and social skills. I have learned to motivate people to give their best and to become better with every day. It is incredible how many people I have already impacted and touched in my short time as president of my chapter and I look forward every day to positively impacting everyone’s life in NSCS, on my campus, and in my community.

ValentinaDertlievaValentina Dertlieva is the Community College Liaison for the NSCS National Leadership Council as well as the Chapter President of the NSCS Chapter at Miami Dade College.