Do you remember how excited you were on the first day of college? You were so eager to learn, and everything felt new. But maybe your enthusiasm has diminished, or you haven’t been feeling inspired lately.

Here are five positive ways to put the pep back in your step to stay motivated in college.

1. Approach Assignments with Enthusiasm

Having a good attitude about school is half the battle. There’s a purpose behind every assignment that’s given to you. Recognize that purpose, and become excited about how you can apply the concept of the homework to your current job or future career.

2. Revisit Extraordinary Work

Remember that awesome project that you did great on, and the amazing things that your professor had to say about it? It felt good, right? Go back to that work and review it. It will remind you of your excellence and motivate you to continue to produce great work.

3. Get Adequate Rest

Schoolwork and feeling exhausted are not a good combination. Make your best effort to go to sleep at a reasonable time every night so that you have enough motivation for completing your tasks the next day. If you find yourself starting to feel a little drained during the day, take a nap to recharge.

4. Find an Inspirational Quote

Discover and save words of encouragement that really speak to you. Make this quote visible to you throughout the day by making it the wallpaper on your smartphone or laptop. If you enjoy arts and crafts, write the quote on paper and put it in a picture frame. Or write it on a poster board to hang on a wall.

5. Smile

Smiling, even for no reason, can help to improve your mood and lower your stress (Hall, 2015). How awesome is that? So smile when you’re having a good day, smile when you’re having a bad day, and smile for no reason at all!

Positivity is the key to staying motivated in college. Embrace an optimistic mindset and love your education journey. You can do this, scholars!

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chloewalton010917Chloé Walton is an Internet Marketing student at Full Sail University – Online. She is the Social Chair Officer for her school’s online NSCS chapter. You can follow her on Twitter @itzcloclo.