We live in an amazing time. It feels like every day brings new innovation in the world of technology that will influence and change our lives. That cannot be truer than when it comes to applications for your laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

No matter your major, the classes you’re taking, or the organizations you’re a member of, there are some things you can’t escape. You’re going have to properly cite a lot of your work, do group projects, or want to display your work in an eye-catching way. So up your tech game this year with five simple apps that will elevate your work to a new level.

1. GroupMe

Teamwork is a vital to a project, but a project can be derailed by poor communication between group members. Maybe someone doesn’t have time to write a full reply, or a text meant directly for someone gets lost in the barrage of messages. GroupMe has two simple features that will ease those worries. Say you don’t want to write out a response and just want to acknowledge you saw the message. A user can heart the message and confirm they saw it. Not to mention you can notify someone directly by tagging them in the message, like: “@TomSmith can you send me the notes again?” That way you don’t have to worry that your message is lost in the clutter.

2. Canva

Graphic design is not a bad skill to learn and put on your resume. With Canva you can design anything from a social media graphic to an album cover. Plus, Canva offers templates to give users a head start on their creations. If you plan to do extensive graphic design work, you may consider purchasing a monthly subscription if you want access to all background and template options.

3. EasyBib

Works cited pages are the worst and take forever. EasyBib will be a lifesaver when you just want to finish your paper and the citation page is the last thing to do. Paste a link into the search box, and it will find many of the citation components for you. EasyBib’s formatting is customizable by type of source as well. However, this is not an excuse for you to not double check your citations!

4. SlideShare

Recruiters are always asking for work samples, and finding a simple way to display your work is not as easy as it should be. SlideShare allows you to upload slideshows publicly and privately. It’s also available as an application under LinkedIn, so it’s an easy way for people looking at your profile to see your presentations and portfolios.

5. Pablo by Buffer

Social Media is common for everyone to have now, and many campus organizations have branched out into it. Also, many career fields see it as a skill they want in applicants. Pablo is a simple social media image design tool where you can add filters, use different fonts, and insert a logo. You can use one of their free photos or upload your own. This app will add a boost to your social media activity. It is not available for mobile device use yet, but I highly recommend using it on your laptop or tablet.

mattreich012317Matt Reich is studying Media Studies: Television and Radio Production with a concentration in Journalism at Mercy College. A digital media/television enthusiast, he’s passionate about social media and a follower of entertainment news. Connect with him on Twitter @Matt_Reich7.