Let’s say you work 40 hours every week… for 50 weeks every year… for 40 years. There you have it— an 80,000 hour career staring you in the face. The hope is that you’re wildly passionate about what you do, but how can the déjà vu of day-in and day-out not drive you at least a little bit insane?

As a college student dipping my toes into the corporate pool, I have a plan. Here are 4 little tricks to refresh your routine:

1. Get moving

Parking your car in the far side of the lot will force some extra steps at the beginning and end of your day. Planning your meeting off-site gives you a reason to walk more than twelve steps down the hall. Sending your documents to the farthest printer is another go-to move. Anything to get you out of your chair will add up, and your blood circulation will thank you.

Exhausted fatigued young business woman sleeping on table with laptop at workplace

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2. Get tidying

You’ll feel less weighed down if you’re not physically buried in piles of paperwork, so make it a point to clear your desk regularly. End each day by making a still-to-do list for the next morning, because Heaven knows you didn’t get to everything planned. Surrounding yourself with neatness will help your whole day fall into place.

3. Get guzzling

This is for all you caffeine addicts—put down the soda and coffee. Boosting your water intake can do nothing but help your productivity. You can sneak some into your day by eating raw fruits and veggies, additional sources of hydration. Asking too much? At least try switching to tea.

4. Get going

Leaving the house before rush hour traffic can only improve your mood for the day. The sooner you get into work, the sooner you can finish up. Imagine completing your work day before sun-down. More restorative sleep happens early in the night, so getting home at a decent hour is crucial. It’s the little things.

These small, quite effortless changes can break monotonous habits and completely revamp your day. As someone set out to live an active life filled with excitement, these tips keep me optimistic as I wade in further.

ProfileHeadshotLindsay is studying Marketing and Economics at UMass Amherst. Graduating next year, she is excited to get involved in marketing communications and research. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter @ljmardirosian