Online education gives you the freedom to earn your degree in the comfort of your home every day. With this freedom, it takes a significant amount of dedication to your studies to keep up.

Here are four tips to help online university students stay on track. Keep in mind that on-campus students can utilize these tips as well!

1. Communicate with Your Instructors

Make an effort to stay in regular contact with your instructors. Since you won’t be communicating with them in person, find out early, at the start of each course, about your instructor’s preferred method of contact. Make phone calls, send emails, or set up video chat meetings with them to ask questions about your assignments.

2. Organize Your Computer

At the start of each new course, make a new computer folder exclusively for that course. You can keep your assignments, essays, and projects for the course in the folder. You can also organize your online bookmarks to articles and eBooks in folders on your web browser.

3. No Social Media During Homework Time

All it takes is just watching one short video clip on social media while doing your homework to throw you off track from your assignment. Avoid browsing through social media while you’re doing homework. Don’t allow anything to distract you from producing your best work!

4. Get Involved and Network

Participate in the online clubs and workshops that your school offers. During these events, take notes and ask the presenters questions. These activities are also a great time to get to know new people by connecting with other students. Participating in your NSCS online chapter is also a great way to get involved and network with students from your school.

Going to school online is an incredible opportunity. So always make the most out of each day and you’ll do great. Keep studying and thriving, scholars!

chloewalton010917Chloé Walton is an Internet Marketing student at Full Sail University – Online. You can follow her on Twitter @itzcloclo.