What are your goals for the new school year? A great goal to have is to manage your time wisely for completing your assignments. Life as a college student is a fun and busy time of our lives. Therefore, it’s important to stay on track.

Here are four time management tips to launch your school year off to a successful start!

1. Wake up Early

While the world is still sleeping, you could wake up and get a head start on the day. Early mornings are a great time for studying or writing essays. A few days out of the week, aim to wake up before sunrise. Once the afternoon comes, you’ll have less on your plate.

2. Set and Prioritize Weekly Goals

At the start of each week, think about all of the tasks that you need to have completed for the entire week. Use a weekly planner or calendar to mark the days that you want to have each task completed by. Decide which tasks are the most important and strive to have those completed first. Mark them as complete with an X, or make it fun by marking them with stickers like smiley faces or stars.

3. Finish Assignments Early

Once you know your weekly/monthly due dates for your homework assignments, you can start planning to work ahead of schedule. Never procrastinate! Start working on projects as early as you possibly can. If something is due on Thursday, pretend that it’s due on Wednesday. Having your assignment done before the due date can take a load of stress off of you, because you won’t have to race against the clock to complete it.

4. Make Time for Fun!

Your education journey should be a fun time, so enjoy it! Don’t forget to schedule those movie nights, play your favorite game, or flip through the latest issue of your favorite magazine. After all of the hard work that you’ve done, you deserve a relaxing break so that you can feel recharged.

Developing time management skills is a great way to jumpstart a new school year. Taking control of your daily schedule is not only a responsible thing to do, but also a liberating thing to do. Have a happy and successful new year, scholars!

chloewalton010917Chloé Walton is an Internet Marketing student at Full Sail University – Online. You can follow her on Twitter @itzcloclo.