Have you been thinking about attending one of those paint and sip nights or found a Pinterest project that you want to try? There are more reasons than making something pretty to let your inner artist out! Getting creative is one of the best ways to flex your mental muscles, and these three reasons can help you achieve a little inner peace.  


1) Increased Focus

When you’re working on your chosen project, there’s a good chance that you’re focusing only on the project. You’re probably not thinking about your worries, your grocery list, or the bills that are coming due. Instead, you’re putting all of your good energy into something that’s melting your stress away. 


2) Sense of Accomplishment

With so many amazing craft tutorials out there, you can easily follow along and create something that makes you feel proud. Even if it’s not an exercise in perfection, you did it! You put your mind to something you couldn’t do before, and you have every reason to pat yourself on the back. You’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you accomplished something new. 


3) The Joy of Giving

Let’s face it! Giving a personalized, handmade gift is a great way to make someone feel special. You don’t have to create a masterpiece to make someone smile. Just knowing that you put your time and your talents into something unique will make your recipient’s day – and yours! 


So, the next time you feel like venturing out of your comfort zone to create something, don’t hesitate! You’re doing a lot more for yourself than you realize. Plus, you’ll end up with something that makes yourself feel proud. Get out those paintbrushes, and bring on the good energy.