Happy New Year, wonderful scholars! Coming off of a restful holiday, we all had time to reflect on what a whirlwind of a year 2014 was (because when do you REALLY ever have time to do so?). If you follow us on instagram @NSCS, you saw us post this, what we think is the perfect way to reflect on 2014:



For us here at NSCS:

Great things? Easy!

1. ScholarCon…the 1st ever unconventional convention we put together with all-star scholars & really cool speakers (we’re still buzzing off the John Legend performance).
2. Welcoming & serving a record number of members.
3. Celebrating 20 Years of existence…from a lasagna dinner with friends to a million member strong organization…how incredible is that!?
4. A brand new Member Engagement Coordinator Team AKA your key to all things NSCS.
5. Launching Torch & Laurel into high schools nationwide.

As for you scholars, what’s your 2014 in review? And what are you excited for in 2015!?