Meet our Scholar of the Week, Bailee Grace Riesberg from Boise State University!


What was your favorite NSCS experience?

My chapter and I volunteered our time to educate local middle school students on the benefits of attending college and the wonderful atmosphere at Boise State University. I was really touched by this experience because I am a first generation college student and know how inspired I was when those from university would come talk about the future with me. It was wonderful to see the spark in the students’ eyes as they dreamed about their futures.


What else should NSCS members know about you?

I have a passion for the ocean, and I was able to live out a glimpse of my dream of becoming a Marine Mammalogist this summer through interning at The Marine Mammal Center in California. I had the opportunity to aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals, solidifying my passion for this career choice.