It’s that magical day of the week FRIDAY! Some of you are juuussttt getting back on campus-how’s it going so far? We find sometimes with the whole ‘New Year’s Resolution’ or ‘New Year, New ME!’ can get…overwhelming? Keep baby steps in mind scholars as we breeze into February. And if you have ‘build up your resume’ or ‘get published’ on your #2016goals list, we’re here for you! We’d love to see your work here on TN2M! Until then, your Cheat Sheet.

Adults speculating about teens: the tradition continues
Truthfully, an interesting read. And made us wonder what we’d answer when we were 14 (gulp). (via Business Insider). Wonder if they played millennial BINGO! (our cover photo courtesy of McSweeny’s) to grab any answers?

This company will pay for your year of travel…
…and you’ll have a job when you get back *drops everything and runs to apply* (via Brit + Co.)

I know my calucus
The math lover in us honors 17 equations that changed the world (via kottke)

Protect YOUR Password
And stop using the same one you’ve had since the dawn of time! (via PassWeird)

Speaking of Goals
Enlist your buddies-you’re all in this together, right? (via HuffPo)