We know we’ll see YOUR names in the Future
Forbes ’30 under 30′ list is a breakdown of millennials (they’re sill millennials!) just killing it. Inspiring (via Forbes)

Reason #123087 Tech is Ruining Us
Posture People! Wherever you are now 1. look up 2.roll your shoulders back & put down that phone! (via NYT)

The Financial Advisor Myth
Hint: we can benefit from an advice FAR earlier than most think. Compelling read. (via Refinery29)

Netflix + Burn! 
Workouts for hour 5 of ‘Making of a Murderer’ or whatever else you’re Netflixing like crazy (via Apartment Therapy)

And finally….2016 is HERE. But that also means getting back into classes, work, no longer wearing PJs 24/7 & no more holiday cheer. If you’re feeling a little glum, here is an ecstatic dog just happy to find his human. Joy to the World!