Happy Friday & HAPPY HALLLOWEEENNNNN! We wish you a safe, fun & just the perfect amount of scary time. Be careful out there, scholars & enjoy your Friday Cheat Sheet.

All the Leaves are Brown
Is your school somewhere that has beautiful weather year round (we have 0% sympathy). This company sends fall foliage.

The Room
Your favorite TV characters dwelling, in a sketch.

Scholars, there are PLENTY of opportunities open for scholarships. Not to mention, this great piece on student loans from our friends at SoFi.

Listen Up 
There’s a science behind picking out music at work…headphones, activate!

And here’s your NSCS staff, in FULL Halloween effect for a little costume//work is actually the most fun here:

NSCS staff halloween

We have a Dominique (Cheerleader), Christina (Miss Kitty), Alyssa (all denim everything!), STEVE! (just being subtle), Jackie (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), Zuri (Wonderous Woman), Carsen (Wonder Girl), Kacie (Daria) & Ava (Supergirl).