Innovative Schools Here & Far
After scrolling, can we implement…well implement most of these to office culture too? Fingers crossed this is the way of the future.

Extra! Extra! Read all of these…
We like to keep a list of potential books/authors on our phones (it’s becoming a scroll). Or pass along dog-eared copies of our favorites around NSCS HQ. Here’s a  list we like for you with some of our favorites for 2015.

NLC Induction Challenge
Utilize this challenge from your NLC!!!!

Hey did you guys hear RYAN ADAMS covered 1989?!?!?!
We kid. Of course you have. And some of you may share this opinion.

Let’s go to the BEACH! 
Familiar with Gray Malin? Okay, maybe better question: familiar with those aerial beach shots that seems to be everywhere? ELLE took a look into his photography explosion…and how he gets those insane shots.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend, scholars!!!

And LOVE that photo from the NSCS chapter at the University of South Florida.