As we all know, writing can be quite an interesting job. However, the process of writing itself can often be somewhat torturous, mostly because a good writer is creative person struggling with thoughts and emotions.

Finalizing your piece of writing is not the end of your task. When a writer finishes a task, they have to face one of the most annoying challenges: editing things that seemed perfect in the writing process.

Whether writing is your job or you are working on a single project, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. You are not the only one. Even some of the most famous writers such as Tolstoy and Twain used editors for their work.

Luckily, the advancement in technology nowadays gives us access to a mountain of online tools and apps that should make the writing process easier. Whether you have a jumble of ideas that need weaving together or you need to nail down some words you can’t think of, there is a simple online solution for everything.
We decided to do the heavy lifting for all writers that struggle with editing. What follows are 11 most efficient online tools for successful writing.

1. Evernote (research compiling)

This tool is the most common first choice for writers. Why is this? Because when you need a place to store something, Evernote is your best friend.
This is not just the spot where you can keep lists. Evernote actually allows its users to compile various materials from any source and share them with others. Additionally, it will allow you to combine and compare your personal notes with many online documents, photos, clips and even audio.

2. Workflowy (content outlining)

An outline is the key to well-structure writing. This is where Workflowy comes in handy. This online tool can help you create an organized project summary in short time, including all the project parts such as nested lists and bullet points.
With the help of Workflowy, you can now organize section names, themes and big ideas. The tool also offers search features and hash tag based tagging for your convenience. This will aid you in avoiding too many lists or out-of-control bullet points.

3. Scrivener (content organizing)

This writing software can be used to line up a writing plan. If you love Word, which you probably do since you are a writer, be prepared to use the amplified version for writing! Srivener’s software brings you the advantage of using an outline tool that allows you to portion your content into different sections.
There are many other advantages too. This online tool will provide you with snapshot option, revert option, layers of color-coded revisions, wide array of fonts choice and pre-set templates for writing formats.

4. AssignmentMasters (content creation)

Sometimes all you need is assistance in writing. Luckily, there are highly professional and affordable sites for this purpose, such as AssignmentMasters. In cases where you are not experienced enough, find yourself uninspired, need some writing guidance or content creation, these online tools can fulfill all your expectations. And luckily, they are just a click away!

5. Blind Write (getting started)

Sometimes writing is difficult because our minds tend to wander. Researchers show that taking your mind off the text you have already written can really help you focus on your writing.
This is where Blind Write comes in handy. This online tool is quite simple in appearance, but can really help you in focusing on your task. It does so by asking you what you are interested in writing about and how long do you plan to do this. While you are working on your text, Blind Write will blur out the already written text, for the entire period you have set.
Perfectionist tendencies are often an issue for us writers, and this app allows you to avoid that barrier to writing a text.

6. Trello (editorial calendar)

Trello’s layouts are created to allow you to organize your tasks by status, assign duties, receive instant notifications, get some feedback and create checklists.
Aside from all these advantages, this online tool can also serve as an editorial calendar. What does this mean? It means that you will now have the chance to easily check if something is set to meet a deadline.

7. Google Docs

If you are a writer, you have surely heard of Google Docs. This free-to-use tool gives you the chance to write, archive, edit and share your documents with others.
The ‘research’ tool of Google Docs can help you gather internet resources and grab free add-ons.

8. Reverse Dictionary (word selection)

No matter how rich your vocabulary is, there is always a time when you cannot find the right word. It is right there in front of you, but you simply cannot reach it.
Truth is, there is always a fitting word, and it just hasn’t gotten to your mind yet. This is why you need Reverse Dictionary.

9. Hemingway (editing syntax)

The Hemingway app is useful in terms of cleaning your thoughts and arranging them in a perfect syntax document. When using this particular online tool, your work is being separated into five categories. Each of these categories is assigned a color, which allows you to process the changes that need to be made.
In addition to pointing out the gray areas of your writing, this tool will count your words, sentences and even paragraphs.

10. After the Deadline (word choices)

After the Deadline is considered to be similar to the previous tool, but it is actually quite different. This tool focuses more on the grammar and spelling of your text, as opposed to Hemingway which focuses on shortening your writing.

11. Diff Checker (checking changes)

The Diff Checker tool is quite simple to use. Its purpose is to highlight the discrepancies between two or more versions of a text. If you are writing, you are surely editing your work afterwards. The truth is, it is always helpful to have an indication on what was being changed.

The writing process requires talent, knowledge, experience and proper tools. The development of tools that aid writers has reached high acceptance worldwide. Writers nowadays are able to achieve optimal writing results with the help of a few effective and affordable online tools. If you want to bring your writing piece to perfection, it is time that you opt to do the same too.

kate-simpsonKate Simpson is the talented head of the editing team at the Assignment Masters. Alongside her vital editing duties, Kate also contributes her own insights as a writer of AM news columns.