For many college students finals season has arrived. It’s that time of the year when the library seems to be everyone’s new home, the line at your favorite coffee shop is out the door, and staying up past 10:00pm seems to be a daily occurance. We know it all too well and we eagerly count down to the day of our last final. For this week’s Study Break, we wanted to share our suggestions for how to survive Finals Week!

  • PLAN AHEAD: Start making to-do lists and prioritizing what assignment needs to be completed first and be sure to make time for study breaks.
  • MUSIC: Though for some music can be a distraction while studying, many have found it to be a neccesity when writing papers. We wanted to share College Magazine’s Finals Frenzy Playlist put together by Kristen Lott, a junior Journalism major from The Ohio State University. She says, “Close Facebook, pour some coffee, plug in your headphones, and let these laidback tracks awaken your creativity and productivity.”
  • DE-STRESS: One of the best ways to de-stress is to exercise. You may be short on time, but with this 20 Minute Workout you’ll be able to quickly decrease your stress levels. Trust us.

Do you have any secrets for making it through finals? Share them in the comments section. You never know… what may seem like a regular finals strategy to you, might be a new, life-changing routine for someone struggling to make it through the week.