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5 Money Mistakes Students Make Freshman Year

NSCS is proud to provide you with this content from one of our awesome partners Nerdwallet. No one expects you to have it all together your freshman year of college. You’ll probably end up losing your student ID, getting locked out of your dorm room, picking the wrong major and signing […]

The Study Break: Freshman survival guide

Remember that scene from the beginning half of “The Parent Trap” where the twins booby-trapped each others cabins with water balloons, whipped-cream crowns, and feathers, all because they couldn’t find a way to get along? College Candy‘s got you covered. Avoid that and other sticky (oh, the honey!) situations by reading […]

Move In, On Campus

I have been to my share of on-campus move in days: as a resident, as student staff, and as professional staff! Though it may be extremely stressful, there are some things that you can do to help make the day run a little more smoothly. Know your time. If you […]

The Study Break: A Weekly List of Our Favorite Distractions

• Looking for a delicious snack to go along with your study break? Check out this recipe for sweet and savory tortilla chips from Small Kitchen College. • If you’ve been holding out for the newest iPhone but aren’t sure if it was worth the wait, College Info Geek has […]

The Study Break: A Weekly List of Our Favorite Distractions

• Going off to college means that it’s your responsibility to handle financial matters. Don’t be stupid with your money and read Hack College’s article about financial mistakes to learn from. • Are you wondering if you will be able to go to college and work at the same time? […]

The Top 5 Things to Take on Your First Day of Classes

On your first day of class—especially as a freshman—it’s extremely easy to overlook some of the essentials to tote to class. Similarly, for others it may be hard to forget something.  If you are anything like me, you had everything you could possibly ever need crammed into your backpack (except […]

Is It College Yet?

The summer of 2010 could not have dragged on longer for me. I felt stifled in My Little Suburbia, eager to start attending college. I watched Daria reruns of Is It College Yet? to make sure someone empathized with me wanting the summer to be over with quickly. I was […]

Remember Freshman Year?

“How will I make new friends?” “Do I need to buy all these textbooks?” “Should I join a fraternity?” Sound familiar? These are only a few of the millions of questions running through a freshman’s mind. So, to answer them, College Magazine started a project entitled “#WishIHadKnownFreshmanYear.” They asked college […]