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Electronics for School: What You Really Need

When I started at UCSB back in 2008, tuition was $9,077. Now when the bill comes in the mail its nearly three thousand dollars more at $11,713. I’m willing to bet my financial aid check that your school is instituting some sort of tuition or fee increase as well which […]

The Study Break: A Weekly List of Our Favorite Distractions

• It’s probably time you start thinking about school. College Candy helps you with your packing list so you can survive your roommates and have fun this year. • Are you a sports fanatic? Campus Splash has created a list of the top 25 athletic programs. Did your school make […]

The NEW CampusSplash is a Must for All College Students

Where do we usually go when we have a question nowadays? Why, the internet, of course!  And as we come across more questions, we generally find some new sources (outside of the Wikiverse) that provide answers. CampusSplash, a new site launched in August of 2011, is dedicated to college-related questions […]

Quick Tips: How to Green Your Dorm

The way we treat the planet matters. Any way you slice it, the health of the earth has a much bigger impact on us then we think about on a daily basis. The earth, the seasons, the environment effects us in profound ways. Ways we don’t fully understand. That’s why […]