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Cheat Sheet for 5.19

55 Ways to Live Smarter A photo compilation of the internet’s actually useful lifehacks Changing Lives through Everyday Leadership Looking for some leadership inspiration for the upcoming year? Listen to Drew Dudley’s TED Talk on Everyday Leadership. The World of Objects Listen to Director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, in his […]

Cheat Sheet for 4.21

21 Going on 41 Ever feel older or younger than you actually are? Well, this quiz, sponsored by GEICO, will reveal your true age. Sounds MAGICAL! Have you tried the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino yet? Here’s a look into the sugar, spice, and everything nice. Did your favorite celebrity make the […]

Cheat Sheet for 4.7

Lazy girls still want to look good Here are 7 tips for looking your best and still getting that much-needed sleep. Who knew that your taste in Netflix could say so much about you? Take this quiz to see if BuzzFeed actually gets it right… Do all celebrities look alike? […]

Cheat Sheet for 3.31

Don’t go crazy at Costco! When you visit Costco on your weekend grocery trip, here’s how to NOT lose your mind. My high school was so not Degrassi… or was it? Take this quiz to find out how stereotypical your high school was. What’s better than your school’s shuttle? A […]

Cheat Sheet for 3.10

Broke College Students Can Have Fun Too! Looking to save a little money but still have an awesome spring break? Here’s how! Just Another Buzzfeed Quiz Need help figuring out a cool place to go? Maybe your taste in food can help… Who Doesn’t Like Pie on Pi Day? Thinking […]

Cheat Sheet for 3.3

College… Summed up in 16 memes Who knew that memes from the internet could be so SPOT ON?!? Oh yeah… everyone. Facial time! (Guys can join in too) Every once in a while, it helps to have a good self-care day… starting with these facials! Not your average spring break […]

Cheat Sheet for 2.24

Spring already? The weather is starting to feel like spring, so why not partake in some spring fun? Addicted to online shopping? Well who isn’t! But here are some great deals to help you save a little money on your shopping binge. And the award goes to… Rihanna was just […]

Cheat Sheet for 2.3

Hold the press, BEYONCE IS PREGANT! With twins! On Wednesday, Queen Bey announced her pregnancy via Instagram. She and Jay-Z will be welcoming two new bundles of joy into the world. Need help recovering from the weekend binge eating? This article will give you some practical tips to eat healthier […]