Back to School

Returning to University after Winter Break

Breathe in slowly. Now, concentrate. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of you filling up your third cup of coffee in the middle of the day. That’s the sound of your neighbors playing their music way too loudly at 3am. That’s the sound of your frustration because you locked […]

New Year, Better Grades

So, maybe you did not do as well as you had anticipated this fall semester. Maybe you fell one “A” short of a 4.0 GPA. It could have been that you were in a really difficult course with a tough professor. Nonetheless, this should not dissuade you from reviving your high […]

PACE Ideas for All Chapters

With each passing day, there are new ways to connect with each other and new ways in which we can inspire each other to strive for greatness. It used to be, unfortunately, that if you were unable to make the geographical move to a certain area, you would be completely […]

The Second Half Push

Hello other college scholars and do-gooders, Don’t let the second half of the semester get away from you! Push through! Self-Doubts mixed with demanding classes can be a killer for your motivation and veer you away from obtaining your academic goals. “Self Doubt” These are the questions that eat away […]

Your Midterm Check Up

October is the month of pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather and when mid-terms are fast approaching into our college lives again. As we are quickly move towards the half way point of the semester it’s good to start thinking about how to avoid end of semester burnout. Not to mention, […]

Community College: Real World Values

I had a friend in High School who told me shortly after I enrolled in NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) that I would end up wasting my potential, and then followed up with a ‘Have fun with working at McDonalds!’ joke. At the time, I took it to heart, probably […]