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The Pop Geek Playlist Series: Back to School Blues

School is progressively starting up again across college campuses nationwide, and as we wave bye-bye to freedom and happiness the summer offered, suddenly we are overwhelmed with all the stresses of college. It’s totally normal to feel a bit bummed during the first few weeks- or months- of school. It […]

The Pop Geek Summer Playlist Series: Back to School

As much as you deny and ignore it, school is almost back in session. Suddenly, the grocery stores have massive amounts of school supplies for sale, people are driving down freeways with mattresses strapped to their car roofs, and bookstores are beginning to fill with students, signaling summer’s end. Looking […]

The Pop Geek Summer Playlist Series: Home Sweet Home

Sometimes a summer exploring your very own hometown can be just as fun as taking a vacation. That’s the magic college has- it makes home seem that much sweeter! Sure, it wears off after a while, but take advantage of the freedom, home-cooked meals and temporary life without a roommate […]