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Cutting the Financial Cord

Dear Christine, I have a job and my own place, but I’m still pretty financially dependent on my parents. My mother especially makes sure that I get to live this great lifestyle in the big city. Thing is, I’m not at all sure my parents can actually afford to keep […]

Master Planning: Mapping Out Your Future

While many think back fondly upon college as a time of freedom and fun, the purpose of this time in an individual’s life isn’t to engage in four years of leisure, but instead to create a solid foundation upon which to build a stable future. Though college is certainly, for […]

Becoming a Campus Ambassador

If you’re a college student, there’s a pretty good chance you spend a lot of time on social media sites. You spend time on Facebook liking pages and posting statuses, you tweet about your day and retweet things you are passionate about, and you actively utilize LinkedIn for networking purposes. […]

The Pop Geek Playlist: Life is Good

As I work with a variety of students on campus, I get the unanimous feeling something’s got you guys down. With that said, it’s time to slow down the daily grind and take some time to remind yourself: life is good! Though school’s less than a month in and with […]

Share your Love on Unigo.com

In honor of yesterday being Valentine’s Day, I had the opportunity to rave about my university, Howard University and everything that I love about it on unigo.com. Unigo allows students to review their university, in hopes that the information shared will help someone decide if that is the place for them. While […]

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

You just recovered from spending money on Christmas presents and a pile of textbooks for the new semester. It could be so easy to start saving up for Spring Break but then the aisles start filling up with chocolates, teddy bears and a whole lot of pink: It’s Valentine’s Day! […]