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The Study Break: Post-College Edition

Despite being post-college, I’m obsessed with our partner blog, The College Prepster. Read about what this Georgetown grad has learned after a year of staying preppy post-college. Social entrepreneurship has become a popular career path for Millennials. Foodspotting Zady is now a serial entrepreneur, launching an ethical fashion brand. And…NSCS […]

The Most Important Things to Know About Yourself

Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.” –Ayn Rand “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” -Roy Disney Knowing what your core values are is extremely beneficial, even crucial, to your happiness. The importance and power of explicitly defining […]

Matching Your Myers-Briggs Type to the Right Major for You

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a widely used psychometric personality test that, when used appropriately, can help individuals choose the right career path. Lots of college students in the freshman and sophomore years are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives — its a […]

The Pop Geek Playlist: Gaza!

Guyane is a devastatingly beautiful country of stark contrast. She’s a land very few have heard of let alone stepped foot in. Her land is green lush forest – Mother Nature’s is just waiting to take back what’s hers, if you aren’t kind to her – yet she possess the […]

Summer Highlight: NSCS Exclusives

The summer is winding down, but NSCS benefits are heating up. Start your fall semester right with these exclusive benefits. 1. Don’t forget anything as you pack your car! Your trip back to campus can be made better with GEICO insurance. Get a free no-obligation quote today and save up […]

The Study Break: A Weekly List of Our Favorite Distractions

Ever considered considered that you are your own personal brand? Head over to CommunityCollegeSuccess to checkout the first installment of creating your personal brand! Looking for ways to improve your career, while getting more involved on campus? Become a Campus Ambassador for the InternQueen! Burglary and identify theft can happen […]

Unfinished Business

When I walked into my office to sit down and write this update, I got a glimpse of my “unfinished business” box. It’s a clear box where I put bills to go over, calls to make, insurance claims to submit and other to-do’s. I hate looking at this box. Each […]

Simple Tips on Decorating that Drab Dorm Room

Moving into your new dorm room can be exciting. It’s the signal of a new semester, new classes, new friends, and for the truly nerdy, new textbooks. After a while though, that dorm room will probably lose it’s initial appeal. Instead of surrendering to a bland dorm room for the […]