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Cheat Sheet 5.13

Happy Friday Scholars! “In your life you only get to do so many things and right now we’ve chose to do this, so let’s make it great.” -Steve Jobs Here’s all the things we found interesting this week: Quest, Comedy, or Epic? A great way to improve your resume and […]

Cheat Sheet: 3.4

Hey, scholars did you hear about this election we’re having this year? We kid, of course you do. And whether you’re glued to the debates or chuckling at twitter trolls, we like the handy dandy calendar theSkimm created (our cover photo). We’re all about keeping our dates straight this month, as […]

Guest Post! Your Brand + Social-a REAL guide

Back in the day, all you had to worry about when it came to making an impression on people was interacting in person. But in the age of social networking, our image matters on multiple platforms, not just in real life. This age has brought about the term “personal brand” […]

Why should companies care about happy employees?

It might not seem like it when you’re sending out what seems like hundreds of resumes, but employers want to find you just as much as you want to find them. Employers hate turnover. It’s incredibly expensive to replace employees over and over again. Human resources spends time recruiting for […]

Your Network for Networking

Welcome back (to reality) from Thanksgiving break, scholars! While you’re still shaking off the turkey-sleepies, we thought it’s time to wind down this year-starting with little things to end 2015 with a BANG! Below is a piece from a former NSCS TEAM member, who through getting clear on a vision […]

From Steve: Join GiftedHire!

  GiftedHire Coming Soon from Gifted Hire on Vimeo. When I founded NSCS, I had a vision to recognize and elevate high achievers. Lately, NSCS members have asked for more benefits to help them prepare for a career. I’m proud to announce NSCS members have been selected to be among […]

Study Break: What has our heart pounding

~ House of Cards. It’s back tonight – albeit at 3am Eastern time – so find your computer chargers, brush up on last season, and reserve your place on the couch for what’s bound to be a marathon-watch kind of weekend. via College Candy ~ Slightly mushy advice about “loving […]

Clean Your Online Face

So it’s time to apply for internships or a professional job: Resume, check! Cover letter, check! Social Media… wait, what?  As many of you already know, your social media presence is constantly monitored by your parents (if they know how to log in), adoring fans and followers, and employers and […]