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The Pop Geek Summer Playlist Series: Home Sweet Home

Sometimes a summer exploring your very own hometown can be just as fun as taking a vacation. That’s the magic college has- it makes home seem that much sweeter! Sure, it wears off after a while, but take advantage of the freedom, home-cooked meals and temporary life without a roommate […]

The Pop Geek Summer Playlist Series: Music for a Rainy Day

Summer rain always comes, whether we like it or not. Even here in Texas, with a serious drought, the rain still manages to darken the summer day occasionally, even if it’s only for a few minutes. But, before you commit yourself to gloom when a storm rolls in, consider taking […]

The Pop Geek Summer Playlist Series: Mellow

Summer is a unique season, in which it is socially acceptable to laze about and enjoy yourself- sleep in, lay by the pool, take an afternoon nap in the grass, maybe start growing yourself some dreadlocks. When school and work seem like such foreign concepts, it can be easy to […]

Top 5 Study Albums of Spring 2011

When it comes to study music, I always go for something light and relaxing that will clear my mind of stress, but not lull me to sleep. The following albums are my favorites for a soothing, mellow study session, with just enough upbeat tempos to keep you awake and focused. […]