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Create a Student Loan Repayment Strategy to be Thankful For

For some people, the season of giving thanks actually represents something that they aren’t all that thankful for – student debt.  November and December mark the end of many student loan grace periods, which means this is the time of year when recent grads have to start paying back student loans. […]

Think Before You Find (And Land) Your Dream Job

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve been working for a few years, landing your dream job may feel unattainable – especially if you’re not sure what you want to do. But regardless of how confused you are about the future or how disillusioned you may be with the […]

Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

After endless hours of filling out applications, perfecting your resume and sitting through interviews, getting a concrete job offer is a huge win. It’d be easy to accept the first offer you get and run with it, too. However, it’s extremely important to take a step back and make sure […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Job

If you’re like many college seniors, you and your roommate probably have a large calendar posted on your wall, and every morning you wake up with a Sharpie to cross off yet another day because, let’s face it, your graduation is quickly approaching. OK, who uses print calendars and Sharpies […]

Career 101 from GiftedHire: Take the extra minute

The following post comes courtesy of Nick Farina, CEO of GiftedHire, the career platform that helps you find your calling. Use GiftedHire to showcase your achievements, explore career paths and connect with leading employers. Post originally featured on Medium. A few minutes of extra work can separate you from other job applicants […]

Cheat Sheet: 3.4

Hey, scholars did you hear about this election we’re having this year? We kid, of course you do. And whether you’re glued to the debates or chuckling at twitter trolls, we like the handy dandy calendar theSkimm created (our cover photo). We’re all about keeping our dates straight this month, as […]

Guest Post! Your Brand + Social-a REAL guide

Back in the day, all you had to worry about when it came to making an impression on people was interacting in person. But in the age of social networking, our image matters on multiple platforms, not just in real life. This age has brought about the term “personal brand” […]

March Bucket List

We LOVE March at NSCS! First & foremost, it’s our Careers Month-that means all month long you can expect advice & opportunities (have you created your profile on GiftedHire yet? It’s an exclusive as an NSCS member!) from us. And we love March for you scholars! Spring break & March […]