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Stay Protected On And Off Campus

Moving out on your own is an exciting time. Your own place, your own car—the freedom can be exhilarating. But with independence comes responsibility, and that can be stressful. Here’s what you need to know about insurance, from what your parents’ homeowners policy may cover to renters insurance and auto […]

Fall Fashion

As we all know, New York Fashion Week has come and gone and officially marked the end of summer for all of us fasionistas out there.  This means that runway styles have now hit trend status and are heading our way.  Here is what we can expect to see walking […]

Kettle Bell Weight-Training

If you are unfamiliar with kettle bells you may not believe me when I say they are an excellent form of weight-training since they don’t look like any of the traditional weights you’re used to seeing in your local gym. Kettle bells resemble a cannon ball with a handle, and […]

Share your Love on Unigo.com

In honor of yesterday being Valentine’s Day, I had the opportunity to rave about my university, Howard University and everything that I love about it on unigo.com. Unigo allows students to review their university, in hopes that the information shared will help someone decide if that is the place for them. While […]

Cars Can Drive You Crazy

I was lucky enough to go to a university whose campus was so small that I didn’t really need a car. I walked everywhere but it was never too far, and it helped me stave off the freshman fifteen. I remained sans automobile for my entire college career because having […]

Student SPILL

Have you ever been filled up with stress, drama, or sadness without a way to release it all?  Student SPILL (Supporting Peers In Laidback Listening) is an outlet for students seeking feedback, support, and resources.  The company is still young but it is full of people motivated to make a […]

Sleepless in Schools: 5 Tips for Resting Well

Confession: I am a victim of all of this infographic’s reasons for not sleeping. I’m a typical college student—I put sleep last on my list of priorities frequently, until I crash and absolutely need to go to bed. So, in addition to your standard rules for better sleep habits, I’ve […]